5 cybersecurity tips for your small business

The security rules must be respected by all workers who use the computer in an office or company. Cybersecurity guarantees that the company’s computer system will be free from attacks by cybercriminals. If you do not work in a company that has an IT department, you must also respect and follow recommendations to prevent computer intrusions.

Cybersecurity tips

There are five basic rules that will help maintain digital security:

Password managers

 You should avoid writing down passwords that are used, on paper that can be left to everyone. Using passwords generated by specific programs that also manage them is the main rule to follow.

WiFi safely

 When using WiFi outside the workplace, make sure that you are using an authentic connection. It is recommended that you use a VPN if you have one and avoid making any type of financial transaction.

Do not use USB sticks of unknown origin 

Do not use USB sticks from strangers or be completely unsure of their origin or the data they contain. In many cases they can contain computer viruses that once executed inside the computer compromise all private data and passwords.

Phishing Alert

Phishing is the impersonation of a legitimate sender’s email address, with the aim of stealing information such as passwords and personal data. It is advisable to be aware of the extensions of the emails you receive, not to open attachments and not to send any personal information and passwords.

Backing up information 

All information must always be backed up to avoid losing it in the event of a blockage or a computer virus. Generally, sensitive or secret information should be blocked with access keys or encryption. In addition, there are access keys in the form of a pendrive that prevent anyone who does not have it from being able to access a computer.

In some cases it is necessary to hire the services of a company specialized in cyber security to be more relaxed and secure.

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