5 things you should know before renting a property in spain

Renting a property in Spain is simple, you must comply with a series of basic instructions.

How to rent a property in Spain

1.-THE RENTAL CAN BE HOLIDAY OR LONG TERM. In the first case, the property can be rented for days, weeks, months…, with no minimum or limit. In the second case, the law establishes a minimum period of 3 years during the conditions of the contract cannot be changed and the tenant cannot be evicted unless certain very specific requirements: non-payment, the need to recover the property in order to live in it…

2.-IN LONG-TERM RENTALS, the landlord may require a bond from the tenant as a condition of signing the lease. This deposit will have to be returned when the tenant leaves the dwelling, regardless of the reason for this abandonment, unless there is damage to the house or there are outstanding monthly instalments.

3.-THE INCOME FROM THE RENT HAS TO BE DECLARED, as it is considered to be the return on the movable assets. Failure to declare them may result in penalties of between 50 and 100% of the undeclared amount.

4.-THE MAINTENANCE OF THE HOUSE falls on the tenant as regards daily use (repainting of walls, occasional replacement of broken tiles, repairs of breakdowns caused by use …) but the owner must take care of structural maintenance (electrical system, pipes, damp due to materials …).

5.-WHAT DOES NOT APPEAR IN THE CONTRACT DOES NOT EXIST. It is necessary to try to record everything, from the obligations of one and others to the agreed amounts and the content of the home at the time of signing the contract. The greater the detail in the contract, the smaller the possibility of misunderstandings.

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