Aldea Asesores S.L Bankruptcy

Aldea Asesores collapsed at the end of 2009. Thousands of their customers believed that they were paying for many years the non-resident taxes on their behalf, but that was not true, as we could realised when our law firm, Advisers Bureau Consulting S.L., took over Aldea’s data base in July 2010. A huge amount of money was kept by Aldea Asesores S.L. not paying the Tax Office on their customers’ behalf. In addition to that, a lot of bank guarantees for properties never built by Huma or other builders were paid into Aldea Asesores’ bank account in La Caixa (all of them received presenting the Power of Attorney that customers have given to them in confidence); also so many 3% retention tax refunds of people that have sold their property were deposited into the same account held by Aldea Asesores, etc. Many of those customers ignored those facts until we became their fiscal representatives in Spain, but it was too late as the addition period to the Debtor List finished quite early.  However, the Spanish Law allows claiming those amounts to Aldea Asesores, S.L., that recently got an agreement with their debtors as they were declared having enough assets and properties to cover the amounts for the Debtors List, in which many clients are not included. That Debtors List is closed, but if you are one of the affected customers by the fraud of Aldea, we can help you. You just need to send to us an email and we will be glad of answering to your questions and studying your case.

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