Aldea Asesores

The law firm Aldea Asesores stopped trading due to financial problems and went into receivership early in 2010. The Insolvency Administrator appointed by the Mercantile Court of Alicante (Spain) authorized on the 23rd July 2010 the transfer of Aldea Asesores’s clients database to our company, ADVISERS BUREAU CONSULTING, SL.

Part of the transfer process was that we were to receive all of Aldea´s clients’ files and documentation. Unfortunately, the change over did not go as smoothly as we expected, resulting in that we do not have all the documentation for all of the clients. If any ex-Aldea client contacts us, we do our utmost to collate any documentation for them. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will have everything, and that is why we advise everybody that has had any dealings with Aldea in the past to contact us.

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