ABC Solicitors, lawyers in Alicante

In ABC Solicitors we have a team of lawyers in Alicante with a wide experience in the legal sector, so if you are looking for legal advice in Alicante we will be happy to help you everything you need in our Alicante consulting.

Our lawyers and solicitors are experts in matters such as family law, conveyancing, tax representation, inheritance, and they also take care of other legal issues such as the Spain corporate tax rate or capital gains tax in Spain.

In addition, we have English speaking lawyers specializing in Spanish laws, so, if you aren’t from Spain and you need English speaking lawyers in Alicante, we can help you.

Did you get married in Spain and now you are in the process of getting divorced, but you don’t know divorce law in Spain and how it works? At ABC Solicitors we have specialized lawyers with extensive experience in divorce law in Spain.

Do you want to come and live in Alicante and, before doing it, would you like to know how Spain immigration laws work? Our English speaking lawyers specializing in law and conveyancing can help you and advise you legally on everything you need.

If you are looking for legal advice, stop doing it, because in ABC Solicitors, our Alicante consulting, we want our clients to feel comfortable with our services.

Precisely because we know that when you need the help of a lawyer is because you aren’t living an easy situation, we put everything at your disposal to make this situation as easy as possible.

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What should you do to contact our lawyers in Alicante? You just have to call us at +34 965 712 694 and our english speaking lawyers in Alicante will be happy to help you and will be at your disposal whenever you need them.

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