Are you getting divorced? We can help you in ABC Solicitors

At ABC Solicitors we know that family and marital legal problems can be extremely stressful and painful.

We look for the issues that are important to you and we deal with all those matters in a professional and sensitive way at all times. Our main aim is to resolve your dispute as soon as possible with minimal pain to all those who are involved.

We offer advice to both married and non-married couples who have some common assets or interests.

Our advice regularly includes an international dimension, and we offer specialised advice on:

  • Divorce & separation of assets
  • Custody and visitation rights
  • Child abduction
  • Domestic violence and injunctions.
  • Adoption
  • Financial agreements for maintenance and support

We are offering one of the most attractive prices of the area for those matters, for example 400€ for the mutual agreement divorce, 1.200€ for a contested divorce (with just one property, power of attorney and “procurador” included), etc…

Our main interest in ABC Solicitors is to offer our clients a clear and easy advice and explain their legal options, in relation to all the matters of family and marital law.

If any of these is your case, please do not hesitate to contact us, because our professional staff will be more than happy to help you in any of our two offices.

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  • june sedden

    I married in uk but would like to get divorced in spain.
    We have lived apart for 3 and half years and my husband left me for another woman.We have allready dealt with finances and property so just mutual consent divorce.
    I am in uk at moment until september.

    • ABC Solicitors

      Hello June,

      Getting divorced in Spain will be absolutely fine and we can certainly help you. Send us an email at and we will be delighted to give you further information and details. Thank you!

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