Bank Guarantees

We are in the process of working through all the client’s files that we have received from Aldea Asesores SL, and we have found your details in relation to the execution of bank guarantees received with the payments in account that you made in the past towards the purchase of your Spanish property.

We understand that Aldea Asesores was in the process of obtaining your money from the bank that had issued the guarantees. Unfortunately, we do not have any way of knowing if they were successful or not, or if they indeed received the money from the bank and they forwarded it to you and the matter was resolved to your satisfaction.

So we can update our records, we would be grateful if you could confirm the status of your claim. Did you receive all your monies back from Aldea or are you still waiting to receive it?

If you are still waiting, since Aldea went into liquidation in 2009, we would need to assume that they kept your funds, as we cannot confirm otherwise unless we contact the bank that issued the guarantee on your behalf. If we do this for every client on the list that we have prepared, it will be a costly and lengthy process for us, so we would rather contact you directly and enquire first.

If you would like us to make enquiries regarding an outstanding payment for your bank guarantee and ascertain if the bank still has the funds or if they paid them to Aldea Asesores SL, please do write to us by return. Once we can determine your specific situation, we will be able to give you sound advice regarding how we can recover your funds, and what would be the best procedure. All you need to do is contact us directly.

May we take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year 2012 and thank all our existing clients for the trust they have deposited in us.

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