Benefits of hiring a lawer in Spain

When we travel to Spain, either on holiday or for long periods of time, it is advisable to have legal advice to safely deal with any problems that may arise.

It is important to hire a professional who knows the Spanish laws in detail and can help us in situations of ignorance or defenselessness.

Actions of a lawyer

Hiring a lawyer in Spain can be of great help to us in many areas. There are also many British lawyers practising in Spain who can advise us on matters such as


During our stay we could be victims of a traffic or domestic accident. The lawyer will represent us in the claim for possible damages. In the event of receiving any fine or penalty, the lawyer can draw up the necessary resources to exempt us from payment.


Whether we are renting or have rented accommodation, a good lawyer can advise us on how to deal with the public authorities and defend us in the event of non-payment or theft of our property.


If we carry out our work activity in Spain or want to acquire a business, the lawyers will manage the legal procedures, authorizations or obtaining licenses. By hiring a lawyer we ensure that we are protected against potential claims against our company.

Knowledge of the law

The biggest advantage of hiring a lawyer in Spain is the knowledge of Spanish law. The law is very different depending on the country we are in.

Our regular lawyer may not be familiar with the specifics of Spanish law and having a professional in Spain allows us to act quickly and accurately.

Tax advice

Lawyers can help us with the preparation and filing of tax returns. They also advise us when applying for contributory pensions, grants and subsidies from the public administration.

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