Benefits of making a spanish will

Making a will is essential when we want to avoid legal problems and make things easier for our loved ones.

As a foreigner, we explain to you what advantages you can benefit from if you consider making such a will here in Spain.

Inheritance law in Europe: clauses to bear in mind

In particular, what we must bear in mind is what your regulation dictates in this regard:

“The applicable law of inheritance shall be the law of the country in which the death occurs; unless otherwise specified.”

Therefore, even if a will had already been made in a European country other than Spain, but the will had not specified that it should be applied according to its law, in the event of death abroad, the applicable law of inheritance would be that of the country in which the death occurred. 

Advantages of making a will in Spain if you are a foreigner

Basically, the main advantages we get is that we will be saving our loved ones time, money and unnecessary inconvenience.

Drawing up a will in Spain is a cheap and agile process, in the sense that it does not extend into an endless bureaucratic labyrinth, which is to be welcomed.

 It will also mean considerable tax savings.

If you have assets in Spain (properties, cars…) the best advice we can give you is to make a will in your country, and another one in Spain. 

The will in your country does not have to be annulled (as long as there is no clause contradicting it). You should bear in mind that the Spanish will is exclusive to the assets held in the country.

Therefore, in this sense, the convenience of making this will for these assets here in Spain is beyond doubt.

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