Car accident in spain. What I have to do?

In Spain it is compulsory to have a car insurance that covers the possible consequences of a traffic accident for third parties, even if you are a foreign resident. Most insurance companies also insure foreign residents, and there are specific products for them that cover any type of mishap. Calling the insurance company will be one of the first steps after a car accident in Spain.


After a traffic accident, everything is aimed at getting the insurance company to take care of the expenses arising from the incident. Steps to follow:

  • In the event that the accident has caused injuries, the first thing to do is to call emergency services so that they can take care of them. If there have been no injuries or no injuries are identified immediately, it is good to go to the doctor within 72 hours.
  • If the accident has been serious, the Guardia Civil de Tráfico must be notified. This is important because if the Guardia Civil is on site, they will make an attestation that can be very important when claiming compensation from the insurer.
  • Fill in the form. The part is a document that both parties must sign and that explains all the circumstances of the accident. If both parties sign it by mutual agreement, the Guardia Civil’s certificate is not required, although it is recommended.
  • Contact the corresponding insurance companies and send them the accident report. To do this, each of those involved in the accident must have a copy of the report.  The type of payment that will be requested from the insurer varies according to the type of claim.

From this moment on, all you have to do is wait. The company will make the necessary arrangements so that the victims receive what they need to repair their car, pay their medical expenses…, always depending on the coverage contracted.

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