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Transfer of currency abroad?

Here is a way that will make the process faster, easier and cheaper.

Foreign exchange companies can offer better exchange rates than banks because their profit margin is lower, putting more money in your pocket. Always keep the process in a transparent way so you know what you are paying.

We are proud to work with a firm like Currencies Direct.

After working with and applying extensive research in a large number of foreign exchange companies, we have selected Currencies Direct as our preferred currency solution for our clients.

With years of experience providing financial solutions, Currencies Direct has developed a wide and innovative range of products and services related to the transfer of foreign currencies, something that can help to minimize exchange risks and eliminate problems in international payments.

Formidable exchange rates – up to 5% cheaper than major banks

Regardless of your foreign currency requirements, if you are transferring savings to make an investment in property abroad, repatriating funds to your country or making regular transfers of foreign currency to other countries, we understand that you want to get the most out of your investment money.


Availability of Services and Products for Individuals

Acquiring a house abroad: Without considering why a property is being purchased abroad, the importance of the exchange rate in the purchase should not be forgotten.

Sell a property in Spain: Currencies Direct has designed a specific solution with Caixa Bank. This guarantees that no charges will be charged for depositing a Spanish bank draft and without commissions with which to move funds out of Spain when Currencies Direct is used.

Emigration: if you are in the process of emigrating, you can obtain the best exchange rate, which means more for your money, something of great importance for your new life.

Overseas Education: The fact of sending your children to study overseas can be discouraging. We will make sure that paying your education fees in a foreign currency does not become a concern.

Buy something special: Do you want an imported car, a boat, antiques? We will make sure that the currencies do not increase your purchase.

Regular Transfer Plans: Thousands of clients have already joined the Regular Money Transfer Plan in other countries, enjoying a large number of financial benefits.

Online payments/transfers: You can make online payments easily, quickly and safely. You can manage your external payments from any place where there is an Internet connection.