Differences in Spanish and english divorces

London is considered the divorce capital of the world. So much so that in England the divorce process is carried out much faster than in Spain. This is essential when both spouses want to speed up the process. 

The beginning of the process and the perjury

In England you can start a divorce process and deal with any aspect of finances later. In Spain, on the other hand, to initiate a divorce process we must first make even the financial claims before we can file a lawsuit in court. In most cases, this is a delay in the filing of the application. 

Another difference between the divorces in Spain and England is that in the English court there are very strict rules to prevent one spouse from cheating the other and consequently from cheating the court. Spouses who get divorced in England and try to hide the extent of their wealth or the location of their assets can even face imprisonment. In Spain, however, the measures are not as strict in this respect. 

Community property or separation of assets

Finally, in Spain, matrimonial regimes are dictated not only by the financial situation of the spouses, but also by the region in which they live. Some Spanish communities maintain a shared marriage regime, so the divorce process changes substantially. 

This form of sharing does not exist in English matrimonial regimes. There, the most common thing is that each spouse stays after the divorce with what he or she bought or what he or she earned. This means that more than the system of community of property, what prevails in England is the separation of property.

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