Do you have investment products here in Spain?

From ABC Solicitors want to inform you we are soon starting to submit to the Spanish Tax Office the Non Resident Income Tax returns for the 2011 fiscal year on behalf of all our clients.

We know that quite foreign people have purchased investment products through their Spanish banks, and that some banks are retaining tax from the interest earned from those deposits, even if the holders are non residents in Spain.

If this is your case, we would be obliged if you could provide us with the fiscal information regarding these investments and any retentions made by your bank, so that we can check if you need to include them in your Non Resident Tax return or not. If so, we will inform you about the final amount payable to the Tax Office. Please do send us the information by October 19th, so that we can include it in your Tax Return.

If you find this information useful and you want to be more informed about that question, you can visit any of our two offices in Torrevieja or Playa Flamenca and we will be pleased to help you.

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