Do you have questions about the increase of the taxes?

From the 1st September 2012, the IVA tax (VAT tax) is going to increase. From ABC solicitors we want to explain to you the different ways it would affect you:

* The 4% rate – will be kept at 4%

This is applied to items that are considered basic needs. They include bread, frozen dough, eggs, cheese, milk, beans and fruit and vegetables.

Books, magazines and newspapers.

School material.


Disabled vehicles, wheel chairs and collective transport for the disabled.

Prosthesis and implants.

Official protection housing.

* The 8% rate – will be increased to 10% Items used in agricultural, farming and forestry activities. Contact lenses and glasses. Disabled lifts and items for the diagnosis of illnesses. Health assistance services, social services, and dental work. Imported artworks and antiques. Hairdressing. The handing over of housing, including garages and annexes. House construction (between promoter and contractor). The special type of IVA charged on house sales now go to 10%. Services supplied by artists and technicians. Sports, cultural and recreational services, exhibitions and fairs. Hotel and restaurants, cleaning of streets and public gardens. Rubbish collection. Transport of passengers and motorway tolls.


* The General Rate – now 18% is going to increase to 21% All other products, including alcoholic drinks, tobacco, animals used in bullfighting, agricultural machinery. CD’s. Devices for the diagnosis and monitoring of pregnancy. Television and radio services.

* Some items are changing rates, glasses and contact lenses, cinema, hairdresser, discotheques, theatre, health products, funeral and cleaning services will change from 8% to 21%.

But if you have any questions about the new rate changes, we will be please to inform you in ABC SOLICITORS in any of our two offices.

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