Energy Efficiency Certificate

An Energy Efficiency Certificate will be obligatory from June 1st 2013 for the property that you are selling or marketing.

Energy Efficiency Certificate

On April 5th 2013, the Spanish Government approved the 235/13 Royal Decree, a new law that complements current European legislation regarding energy efficiency for properties built before 2008. This new law comes into effect on June 1st 2013. You might be aware that already all electrical appliances have an energy performance sticker, ranged from A to G. Now, all buildings will need to have something similar. The certificate can only be issued by qualified architects/technical engineers.

According to this new law, properties must have an Energy Efficiency Certificate that measures how efficiently the building deals with the different types of energy: solar, thermal, etc. It will also show several guidelines to increase this efficiency, as well as the estimated cost of carrying out the suggested improvements on the property. At the moment we are not aware of any fines/penalties that might be accrued if you do not obtain this certificate. However, without this certificate you will not be able to sell or rent your Spanish property. Also, the Energy Efficiency Certificate must be registered with the Ministry of Industry. The certificate is valid for 10 years from its registration date.

Our advice is that you get an Energy Efficiency Certificate for your Spanish property as soon as you can. Then you should keep it with all the documentation related to your property so that you can produce it if you need to. If you are selling your property, your Estate Agent will not be able to market your property without this certificate, so it is very important that you do not overlook this requirement.

If this applies to you and need further assistance, please contact us. We can arrange for an architect to visit your property and prepare the certificate for your property.

As always, we will be delighted to be of assistance.

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