Get a permit work in Spain

To get a permit work in Spain, you must be in your country to apply for an authorization and for your concession you have to have an offer of employment. If you have a permanent residence you will not need authorization.

What to do to get a work permit in Spain?

Steps to follow:

  • In order to apply for residence and work authorization, you must be in your country and have an offer of employment from a Spanish employer or company. You will not be able to request it if you are irregular in Spain or in Spanish territory when you are staying.
  • The occupation you are going to perform must have been evaluated in relation to the national employment situation, to verify that no Spanish, community or foreign worker authorized to work can occupy the position available.
  • The employer or employer who is interested in contracting you will present the authorization request along with the required documentation. You must formalize the contract before your entry into Spain. Once the authorization has been approved, you will have one month to apply for the visa at the consular office of your country and for the signing of the contract.
  • Once the visa has been granted, you will travel to Spain within the validity period of the visa, which will not be longer than 3 months. As soon as you enter Spain you can start your activity and make your affiliation and registration in Social Security.
  • Remember that from your income you will have one month to apply for the foreigner’s identity card at the Foreigners Office or at the Police Station.

Something important to keep in mind is that the visa granted incorporates the initial authorization of residency and work as an employee and will be granted for one year from the time of your entry into Spain and will appear in your passport.

A specialized lawyer can be of great help if you have doubts about how to get a work permit in Spain.

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