How are Spanish pensions in Spain

When you retire, i.e. when you stop working, the big question we all ask ourselves is: how to claim the pension in Spain, what documentation do you have to provide and which organisations do you have to contact?

How to claim a pension in spain

The first thing to know is that in Spain, to claim a retirement pension you must have reached the retirement age, which has been set at 67 since 2017 and be at least 15 years old (5745 days) or be 65 years old and have contributed a minimum of 38 years.

Obviously those contribution years must have been in Spain, as registered in one of the Social Security schemes. If you have worked in another country, you must follow the stipulations established by the law of that other country.

If you have always worked in Spain and do not reach the minimum contribution required, you can apply for other types of assistance.

In order to claim the pension, an application must be made, which must be submitted within 3 months prior to the day on which the work activity ceases at a Social Security office. In other words, if you stop working in June and submit your application in November, the three months prior to the application (August, September and October) will be paid to you, but you will lose your July application.

There is also the possibility of taking partial retirement (continuing to work a reduced day or as a self-employed person, but accessing a part of the pension), for which you must prove a work situation that justifies this option.

It is also possible to retire early, i.e. to retire before the stipulated age, but this is an exceptional situation that in most cases is reserved for people with illnesses that prevent them from working normally or who devote themselves to certain risky professions (police officers, firefighters, etc.).

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