How much is inheritance tax in Spain?

The inheritance tax in Spain is a direct tax that all those people who are going to receive an inheritance have to pay to the state. The nature of this tax is progressive. The greater the amount received for an inheritance, the greater the amount to be paid to the public administration.

Inheritance tax

It should be noted that the amount to be paid will depend on the Autonomous Community in which the procedures are carried out. In Spain, the fee for receiving an inheritance may vary depending on the geographical area where you are. The heirs will have to pay the corresponding amount individually. If a person dies and has no heirs, his or her inheritance goes directly to the State.

Whatever the autonomous community where the deceased lived, the inheritance tax must be paid within a maximum period of 6 months. The documents required to process inheritance tax are as follows:

  • Death certificate.
  • DNI or resident’s card.
  • Declaration of heirs or document reflecting the assets of the deceased.
  • Certificate of last will and testament in the absence of a will. This document of last will and testament is provided by the Ministry of Justice through the different territorial administrations.
  • Certificate from the banking institutions where the deceased had current accounts showing the balance on the day of death.

It is advisable to seek professional advice when dealing with inheritance tax, as in some cases the amount to be paid may be reduced by applying deductions.

If you have difficulties in gathering the necessary documentation to process the inheritance tax, you can request an extension. This extension must be requested within 5 months of the date of death and will involve the payment of an amount in the form of interest.

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