How to have your English driving license in Spain?

As in the rest of the European Union countries, the driving licence obtained in the United Kingdom is perfectly valid in Spain, and under the same conditions in which it was issued to us in UK. To know how to validate the driving license obtained in England, in Spain, these are the steps we must take.

How to exchange your British driving licence in Spain

If we have taken our driving licence in the United Kingdom, the licence issued in Great Britain will have the same validity, unless it has been restricted, suspended or cancelled in England, so we could not use it in any country, and of course not in Spain either.

Although our driving licence is valid, we must exchange it at the Spanish DGT. We must provide the following documentation:

  • Request in an official form that we will find in the Web of the DGT Also in the Headquarters of Traffic
  • Our valid DNI or passport, and any other document that the Headquarter requests to us to be able to accredit our residence.
  • Current passport size photograph.
  • Photo stub which will be provided to us at the Traffic Headquarters. We must complete it with our signature, inside the box.
  • A written declaration in which we state that we are not responsible for any judicial decision prohibiting us from driving motor vehicles or mopeds, including our current vehicle.
  • Written declaration that we are not holders of another licence and driving permit, whether Spanish or from any other EU country, of the same class whose validation we are requesting.

If the driving licence we want to validate has expired, then we will have to go to a driver recognition centre in order to obtain a psychophysical fitness certificate.

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