How to keep your home secure over winter?

It is time to get away from the cold winter and enjoy a good holiday in a warm and friendly place. To travel with peace of mind we must have the security of our home under control at all times.

These tips will help you to enjoy your holidays to the full without having to worry about what happens at home during your absence.

Tips for safety at home

Hire an alarm.

Hiring an alarm and making it visible to the outside can be a very effective deterrent against potential thieves.

Resistant doors

It is essential to have good doors and windows that prevent easy access to the house. Most burglaries are carried out by accessing the houses through the main door. A good security door can save us a lot of trouble.

Protecting your valuables

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid a robbery. However, it is possible to reduce the damage as much as possible. It is convenient to have a safe where you can keep your most valuable objects or take them out of the house to be guarded by a relative.

Simulate that the house is habited

Advances in new technologies allow us to install timers on lighting or electronic devices. Turning on a light for a few hours or turning on the TV or radio from time to time makes it seem like someone is always home.

Give the keys to a neighbour or family member

It is good to give our keys to a neighbor or family member who visits the house periodically. This person will be able to check that there are no breakdowns and their continued presence will show that the house is not abandoned for long periods of time.

If we take care of all these details we will ensure a worry-free holiday and find our home in perfect condition when we return.

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