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It is now that time of the year when we will be getting the IBI Tax bills for the properties we own in Spain.  This tax would be the equivalent to the Council Tax that we pay in UK.

If we do not pay our IBI Tax bill (known colloquially as the SUMA bill in the Costa Blanca area) directly through our bank and we do not pay it on time because we are not in the country, we run the risk of defaulting and having to pay accrued interest for the delay. We have seen many clients that owe several year’s IBI Tax because they did not have a direct debit set up with their bank and had not received their tax bill through the post (even though it is getting better, post service is still quite poor in the area, specially for newly built properties).

To avoid future problems, it is better to set up a direct debit with the bank. And this is where ABC Solicitors comes in. We can arrange the direct debit for you and sort out any outstanding amounts that you might owe to your Town Hall, either by paying them on your behalf or, if the amount is too large, arranging a payment plan for you with SUMA.

If you would like to know more, please contact ABC Solicitors directly and we will give you personalized advise.

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