Inheritance Tax Rebate

The Legal Team at ABC Solicitors has detected clear cases of fiscal discrimination concerning the inheritance tax that “non-residents” paid when they inherited properties and/ or assets located in Spain.

Our motivation to investigate about this was because the inheritance tax laws currently applicable in Spain treat residents and non-residents differently. The final conclusion of our research was that non-residents have to pay full inheritance tax, while residents have considerably better tax benefits and many times are even exempted to pay inheritance tax.

If this is your case, or you know anyone that paid inheritance tax for properties or assets located in Spain within the last four years up to today,  (this is the limit period) and either the inheritor or the deceased person were non-resident in Spain at the moment of the death, please contact us, because we are verifying that it is possible to recover almost 100% of the tax paid to the Spanish tax office.


If you would like us to help you claim the inheritance tax that you have paid, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. To have inherited assets and/or property located in Spain
  2. At the time of the death, the beneficiary or the deceased must have been a non-resident of Spain.
  3. The inheritor must have paid in Spain inheritance tax within the last four years from today, and a minimum of two thousand Euro (2,000 €).
  4. The relationship of the beneficiary with the deceased must be one of the following:

o Husband or wife.

o Son or daughter.

o Father or mother.

o Grandson or granddaughter

o Grandfather or grandmother

If you meet the above criteria and would like to claim a Tax Rebate, please contact ABC Solicitors. Our Legal Team will be more than happy to help you recover your money back.

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