Keys to protect your home from fraud

Protecting your home from fraud is something of great importance given that whoever or whoever does it, will be attacking something that has cost you a lot of money, work and time to get. They will be invading your privacy and violating a space that supposedly serves to make us feel protected.

How to protect our home from fraud?

Properties that are not registered in the Property Registry, empty properties, those that are rented in the summer season and second homes that are only occupied a few months a year, are the most vulnerable to suffer some kind of fraud.

It is very important to speak with the Land Registry to let us know if there is any kind of activity on our property, such as a change of ownership or the request for a new mortgage. In this way, we can take the appropriate measures.

If possible, a restriction may be placed on our title deed. This will prevent any kind of action from taking place in the Land Registry. In this way we can only make any change ourselves as owners or an authorized person, such as our lawyer, but for which we would also need to have our signature. Thus, we can protect our property against any kind of fraud.

Do not forget to destroy all the emails in which our data may appear as name, DNI or NIE, bank account, etc. We must destroy all invoices and papers related to prevent anyone from knowing that data.

Regarding the mailbox of the house, it is advisable that it is visible from the window of the house, to know if someone tries to open it. In any case, it is also advisable to use an armored mailbox, to make it more difficult for anyone who tries to know our data for possible fraud with our home.

For any kind of doubt, it is advisable to have the help and advice of specialized professionals, who will answer any questions we may have.

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