Need a mortgage? apply for a NIE!

Are you thinking to buy a house in Spain? Do not know how to start?

In other words: the NIE number is required to apply for a mortgage, so, the process cannot start without it.

In the past, buyers were obtaining their NIE just before completion. It was quite comfortable because they could leave this step to be done at the end of the process and just organizing their visit to Spain a couple of days before completion, in order to have enough time to get this document ready for the sale. Buyers could, meanwhile, applying and processing their mortgages, because NIE was not required from banks until completion.

But, now, as banks are requiring the NIE number to start the application of mortgages, buyers who did not obtain this document in their previous visit to Spain, need to come expressly just to get this document.

Another option is to try to obtain the NIE in the Spanish Consulates placed in their countries of origin, but this normally takes a long time. So, these buyers are now forced to come to Spain just to obtain their NIE numbers to be able to apply for their mortgages.

ABC solicitors recommends potential buyers that, when they come to Spain to visit properties in which they could be eventually interested, they make the best use of this visit and obtain their NIE numbers.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to help you.

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