Personal income tax Spain

Personal Income Tax or Income Tax is a personal, progressive and direct tax class that taxes the income obtained in a calendar year by natural persons residing in Spain. The staff income tax Spain has some important features that are recommended to know.

Aspects you should know about the personal income tax Spain

The income of the person can come from a dependent work or for their own account such as a business or carrying out some professional activity. The taxable income is determined as the difference between income obtained and expenses, which may be deductible according to Spanish legislation.
In Spain, the income tax return must be made by the persons who:

  • Earn more than 22,000 euros per year.
  • If you have changed jobs during the same year and the salary you receive from your second or more employers, it is greater than 1,500 euros during the year.

People who are not residents of Spain are responsible for this tax on any of the income generated in Spain, such as a deposit of money in a Spanish bank, a property or income from a business or professional activity carried out in Spain. Spain.
The owners of a property are taxed annually on real estate income. The tax base is the cadastral value of the property that can be found in any of the IBI (Real estate tax) receipts that are issued once each year.
In case of being a resident in Spain, taxes will be charged for the worldwide income although the tax can be deducted from the income paid in the country of origin. In addition, we must remember that there are international agreements with which to avoid double taxation, so it is something that must be consulted to avoid this situation.
There are different deductible expenses such as for dependents, children, amounts paid after buying a home, etc. Expenses that can be claimed in the annual tax returns.
To better understand this complicated issue, it is advisable to have the advice and supervision of a professional in tax matters, to have everything clear.

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