Pets travelling to and from the uk to spain after Brexit

The Brexit arrives and, with it, a series of bureaucratic obstacles until now non-existent or more lax are going to interpose in the day to day of many people. In addition to the currency exchange, which has always been present, administrative procedures of all kinds are going to be added and the barriers to mobility to and from the EU are going to multiply, something that is going to be especially suffered because they travel with their pets. Because pets travelling from UK to Spain not a simple process, but now it will be even less so.

Solutions for travelling with your pets

If Brexit does happen, the paperwork for travelling to and from the UK with a pet can take up to 5 months, making it almost impossible to improvise a journey.

To travel from the UK, animals must carry microchips, be vaccinated against rabies (if they are already vaccinated, they must be boosted) and, 30 days after the vaccination, a veterinarian must perform a blood test to confirm that they do not suffer from rabies. From then on, a 3-month quarantine begins, after which the animal will be able to leave the country. Therefore, whoever goes to the United Kingdom with their pet must know exactly when they will be back, to know if they will be able to carry out such a long procedure.

But that’s not all. The United Kingdom is one of the countries where it is more expensive to travel with pets, almost 800 € in plane tickets plus customs formalities. This is because commercial airlines landing in the UK do not have permission to transport animals, and if you want the animal to reach the islands you have to send it with a specialized transport or travel by land (through the Eurotunnel) or by sea. However, Brexit will make this measure extendable to maritime transport.

Nothing is certain yet, but if the worst forecasts are confirmed in the Brexit, travelling to or from the UK will become an odyssey.

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