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new solutions to solve problems regarding property rentals.

In the area of ​​Spanish Levante and specifically in the south of Alicante and Murcia, we find many homeowners who need or want to rent out their property, especially in the summer or other holiday seasons.
But many owners feel a bit insecure because of the risk that their tenants do not pay the rent. Therefore the Association of Real Estate Agents in the province of Alicante has created a tribunal, serving both landlords and tenants, to settle such disputes at a minimum time, solutions are usually issued within a maximum period of 3 months.
To claim with this court it is only necessary to sign an annex at the same time as the lease contract between landlord and tenant is signed. Once this attachment is signed, the parties are obliged to follow it, losing the possibility to make any other claim regarding the rental before the ordinary courts, because the matter can only be filed with the Court of Arbitration.

The decisions of this court are entirely legal and are presented in the corresponding courts to be carried out. The period of time for this decisions is about a month. Much less time if we consider the terms being considered when it comes to ordinary courts.
Another advantage of the Court of Arbitration is the low cost to the plaintiffs, as it is usually around 400 € and not the thousands that can cost a normal trial.

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