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For many people, the fact of having a Spanish mortgage calculator can be very helpful. With this tool they can have a very approximate reference of what they would have to pay mortgage each month.

The indicated price is an approximate reference

It is important that the use of this calculator is a reference not a real price of the mortgage, because it depends on many factors. Among them is the value of the Euribor as well as the bank chosen for the granting of the mortgage loan. It is advisable to make a calculation with the help of an independent mortgage adviser, so that you know what your exact situation is and what is being applied in your case.

It should be borne in mind that many of the mortgages in Spain are linked to a reference index called Euribor and this is the interest rate that the bank pays to get money.

In Spain there are different Euribor interest rates with several maturities ranging from one week to one year and the surcharge depends on different products linked to mortgage loans, such as insurance. In our calculator we use a predetermined interest rate in which additional costs are taken into account.

Remember that in Spain, the costs of acquiring a property amount to approximately 12%. These costs include the fees of notaries and lawyers, although part of them is also related to the taxes.

In this case, in order to better calculate your mortgage and have the closest approximation to the real one, it is recommended to increase the purchase price by 12%. Then you just have to enter the total amount and you will have an approximate indication of what the monthly payments of the mortgage will be that you will have to face.

¿Any doubts? Ask for an expert who will help you to know more about mortgages in Spain.

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