Spanish property and tax in Spain for non residents

Persons who are not residents of Spain and have properties for their own use in our country should know about tax in Spain for non residents. All of them are required to pay (until December 31 of the following year) Income Tax for Non-Residents on a fictitious income that is normally 1,1% of the cadastral value. Community members currently pay 19% and non-community members 24%.

Taxes on the property of non-residents in Spain, what should we know?

Law 26/2014 of November 27 modified the law by introducing Article 28 bis, which establishes that non-residents may ask Hacienda (Treasury) to prepare a draft declaration for each property for their own use in Spain. In this way, these owners will only have to review the draft and pay at the bank in case everything is correct.

The amounts to be paid in these cases are not too high for non-residents to pay them. The problem is that if they do not ask Hacienda for help with the draft of the declaration, the process can be quite complex and they are exposed not to present the pertinent documentation, exposing themselves to interest fines.

Another point that must be taken into account is that a Model 210 declaration must be presented for each property, not for all that are held. If you have a garage or a bass, for example, you will also have to submit two other statements. In case the property is of a marriage, each of the spouses must make the declaration separately, which means more paperwork, taxes, etc.

For a person who is not related to taxes and property in Spain, this situation can seem quite complicated. Therefore, the best recommendation is to have a professional specialized in this sector to provide the necessary advice and that there is no kind of complication when paying taxes.

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