Your Spanish property:

1)      Thefts and domestic burglary have become infrequent due to more policeman and soldiers on the streets so that is a good new.
2)      Regarding the use of the property and common areas and management of the Community of Owners according to the last communication from the Supreme Bar of Administrators of Community of Owners:
·        The administrators themselves should try and work from home whenever possible.  Most of the attention to the public can only be handled over the phone or computer and never in person.
·        Only administrator services use if it is strictly necessary.
·        Within the community it is required to maintain the security distance  (one meter minimum).
·        It is not allowed the use the communal areas, such as gardens, children´s play areas, seating areas, outdoor, machines, recreation areas, swimming pools, solariums, or any areas destined for community use or for community meetings.
·        All the maintenance companies, cleaners, gardeners must make sure they take the necessary precautions (frequent washing of hands, use of protective gloves and masks), specially in the most risky places of infection (door handles, railings and gates).
·        All community meetings must be postponed.
·        In order food to be delivered, touching notes and coins, it is necessary to wash hands, before and immediately after.
·        The best antiseptic is washing hands with water and soap wherever possible, if not then hand sanitizers are the next best thing.
·        No other pets direct contact, washing hands afterwards, although it is not transmitted by animals.
·        Administrative work and legal deadlines have been paused.

Personal status for non residents

1)      Administrations are not operating except the Civil Registry for weddings and births.
2)      Hotels and all accommodations had to close down on 26th March 2020.
3)      It is forbidden at the moment to travel to Spain, though you are entitled to go back to your country, you would need to contact your Embassy to get the updated information for repatriations or get into the web site below for further information (*), and public transport in Spain has been reduced to 50%. If at the moment it is necessary the stay in Spain and have no way yet to go back to your country, you have to stay at home with some exceptions:(*)      Banks, pharmacy, laundry, tobacco, petrol station, vet, hospital, optic, supermarket and dentist.
b)      To visit and/or assist disabled and elderly people.
c)       To take rubbish out.
d)      To walk with the dog.
e)      You can drive from and to destinations of point a) but a maxim of two people in the car. The second occupant of the car sit behind the driver. You can use bicycle and motorbike but only the driver at the same time.

4)      All deadlines are suspended except taxes (litigation cases, administrative documents, as per example driving licenses, legal periods, etc…)

ABC Solicitors corporate social assistance and health policies adopted:

1)      ABC Solicitors clients enjoy since 26th March 2020 a 40% discount in all new services engaged from us until 31th December 2023, that substitutes the current 20% discount as ABC Solicitors clients.2)      The Royal Decree-Law 10/2020, of 29th March rules that Lawyers, Attorneys, translators and psychologists are entitled to carry on with their professional activity. However at the moment we are just a few law firms in the area. We are identically available as before (telephone, arranged appointments, email and fax).3)      In case of fixed appointments it is compulsory to wear face mask, gloves, one meter physical distance and no chairs.

4)      All staff are wearing FFP3 masks and clinic gloves plus antiseptics gel and one meter working distance.

It is a complicated situation and we are informing you about these measures to give you, as always, the best service and advise possible, we apologize for all inconvenience related to this health emergency.”

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