Spanish Terms II

Cédula de Habitabilidad or Licencia de Primera o Segunda Ocupación (Habitation Certificate)

This is a certificate signed and stamped by the Town Hall in which is stated that the property is ready for habitation. It should be applied for once the property is finished and the Final Building Works (Certificado de Final de Obra) are registered in the Land Registry with a Declaration of New Building Finished (Declaración de Obra Nueva).

Any owner of a new property will need this document in order to get the permission of the Town Hall to connect the utilities and to live in the property. Before you get it, the property is considered just a building and not a “house”.

This document is compulsory to get the utility contracts from the water and electricity companies in the name of the owner. Although, before this document is obtained, the property could have electric and water supplies in the construction, as the builder should need those services to do the work (for the tolls, machinery, etc). But this supply is a construction one and it is not valid for particular use, and they will be cut off the time the building works are finished.

Sometimes, some owners have found that their utilities supplies are still construction ones after years of living in the property, that could be because the promoter did not get the Final Works Certificate and in consequence, no proper Habitation Certificate was done by the Town Hall. Those properties have the services, but not in the best conditions and normally with more expensive prices than the normal ones.

As a guarantee that all the paperwork for the new house is in order, it is advisable to leave the last payment for your house until Habitation Certificate is obtained by the builder. This situation will force the builder to get that document the soon as possible if he wants to sign the completion of the purchases.

But if you have realised that you have your supplies with the construction services yet or you do not have your Habitation Certificate, you do not have to worry about, as ABC Solicitors can help you in getting one from your Town Hall in the shorter time possible. The only thing you have to do is to contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.

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