Spanish Terms IV: Boletín de la Luz

If you have just bought a house and it has never had electricity service before, or the last owners had been a long time without paying the bills and the electricity meter has been taken off by the electricity company, one of the documents you will be required to have the service reconnected will be “El boletín de luz”.

But, what is a Boletín de luz?

It is the low-voltage “Electrical Installation Certificate”, an official document issued by an authorized electrician certifying that the installation meets the requirements established for power supply. In that document it is shown the most important characteristics of your property electrical installation, such as the installed power and the maximum admissible power, and also guarantees the quality of the installation.

From any of our two offices of ABC Solicitors, we will be more than happy to help you and offer an authorized and professional electrician to sort out this problem.

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