Spanish traditions at Christmas

The Christmas holidays in Spain are lived with special joy, as it is a time of family unity and happiness like no other in the whole year. There are many Spanish traditions at this time of year, so to keep you up to date with this important aspect of our culture, we will show you what they are so that you can get to know how Christmas is celebrated in Spain.

Typical Spanish Christmas traditions

  • One of the most important traditions is the Christmas Lottery Draw, which begins this holiday on December 22. The biggest prize is 4 million euros but, if you are not one of the winners, don’t worry, you have another chance in “El niño” Draw on January 6th.
  • The Christmas Eve dinner with the family eating turkey and singing carols is also a tradition in Spain. You can accompany them with guitars, zambombas and tambourines, the typical instruments to enjoy a magical night. That same night at 12 o’clock the typical Misa del Gallo is celebrated.
  • Eating turrón and making pestiños are other traditions that are repeated year after year. The turrón can be of many flavors, from almonds with honey, to toasted yolk, candied fruits and the classic one, chocolate with almonds or inflated rice. The pestiños are typical sweets of these dates too and are made with flour, orange, spices and syrup. And you can’t miss the polvorones, mantecados and marzipan, which are present throughout Christmas.
  • The nativity scene representing the birth of Christ with clay, ceramic or wooden figures is another tradition of Spanish Christmas culture.
  • The “roscón de reyes” on the 6th of January cannot be missed in any house either. It consists of a kind of cake with candied fruit on top and filled with cream, angel hair, cream, truffle or nothing, you decide which is your favourite flavour. It contains gifts inside but be careful, whoever gets the bean must pay for the roscón.
  • On New Year’s Eve it is tradition to eat 12 grapes at 12 o’clock midnight, a magical and unforgettable moment to surround yourself with your loved ones. At the end, a toast and to wish everyone a happy new year.
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