Tax on holiday homes in Torrevieja, Spain

In many touristic destinations around the world already apply some rates to tourism to leave the country. This already happens in Spain when renting a hotel room or a holiday home to spend a holidays. What is done is to increase the price of each hotel night or charge a tax on holiday homes in Spain.

Characteristics of tourist rates

In Spain, each Autonomous Community has its specific regulation on its tourist tax. Although they are different in each one, they coincide in assigning the collection to a fund. This fund is used for sustainable tourism, which will feed back the sector. It does this through budgets destined to the promotion, protection of tourist assets, their maintenance and the infrastructures that are needed for their exploitation.

Tourist taxes are charged on overnight stays by residents and also for foreigners in hotels and tourist accommodation. In this aspect all the businesses that rent rooms or holiday homes will be included.

These lodging options are those who collect the tax and quarterly settle it with the tax agency that corresponds to them. This is something of great importance because Spain, as a tourist destination is a very important country. Tourism activities represent more than 11% of the Spanish GDP and over 350 million overnight stays are recorded each year.

This economic reef is already being exploited by communities such as Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. For now, in the Valencian Community is still discussing its implementation.

If we ask ourselves about how much the daily rate can be, we have to take references from neighboring communities. They can go from 1 euro to 4 euros per day, always depending on the type of accommodation you choose. In many places it is reduced to 50% in the low season and another 50% from the ninth day of stay.

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