Tips On Taking the Stress Out of Moving House

If you have moved before, you will know that this is an experience that, if not carried out in an orderly and planned manner, can generate a lot of stress. If you have to move soon and want to get rid of the stress, follow the advice listed below.

Basic advice for a stress-free move

  • Make a list: to avoid forgetting, it is best to make a list of tasks to plan the move in detail. Indicate dates to carry out each task and, whenever you are moving forward, review the list to check and follow the evolution of the move.
  • Analyse the available transport options: Ask the transporters for an estimate according to everything you expect from the move. Bear in mind that there are companies that take care of packing, transporting and even organizing the new home.
  • Ask a friend for help: Moving should not be done alone, ask a friend or relative to help you make the whole process easier. If you get more than one person to help you, it will be much easier to carry out the move and you will be free from a lot of stress.
  • Turn off the refrigerator. Two days before the moving van arrives at your old home to take the refrigerator and freezer, unplug these appliances, empty and clean them. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to store some foods, so on moving days you should avoid doing big purchases at the supermarket and avoid perishable foods.
  • Prepare the new home. Before the removal company arrives, it is important to leave the house ready to receive the furniture. Check that the lift is the right size to lift the furniture and if it is not, inform the removal company. Measure the doors and remove them from the hinges if necessary, etc.
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