To rent a boat in Spain

What should we know to rent a boat in Spain? In case you have never rented a boat, you will surely have many questions about it, which we will try to answer you next in this article.

Do I need a title to rent a boat?

To crew certain types of vessels, it is necessary to have the necessary qualifications, appropriate to each type of vessel, but not to rent it, as there are different formulas that bring the experience of navigating to the whole world:

  • The rent with the whole crew: it is a very comfortable option, since it counts the services of a team that takes care of everything on the ship: crew, cooking, cleaning, etc.
  • The rental with skipper: in this case, there is a skipper who manages the boat and who takes care of navigation safety. It is normal for travelers to take care of the captain’s meals.

As you know, there are several types of boats. Leaning for one or the other will depend on factors such as the number of people, the route you want to make or our budget.

These are the most common types of boats to rent:

  • Sailboats: they are interesting because they consume less fuel, so the cost of rent is lower.
  • Motor boats: the advantage of these boats is that they can go faster than they can travel long distances. In addition, they are more stable than sail.
  • Catamarans: they offer more space and are more stable than sailboats.
  • The schooners: they are sailboats of wood and of a size that makes them ideal for large groups, since they can accommodate up to 30 people. They usually rent with crew.

It is usual to ask for a refundable bond before boarding, to cover possible damage to the boat, and that it will be returned when you deliver the boat in good condition.

In the case of foreign persons or entities, they must accompany the residence card in Spain or the country of the European Union. Foreign employees employed within the company must be provided with said card.

Need help? Consult with experts in the sector so you can rent your boat whenever you want.

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