Was your property damaged and you don´t have insurance policy. We can help you!

As you are aware of, during the past 13th & 14th of September specifically, the South East of Spain has been affected by torrential rains as consequence of the meteorological phenomenon known in Spanish as DANA (Isolated Depression on High Levels), and some villages and cities had more than 400l per m2. These storms caused serious damages in a huge number of properties.

We hope that your property was not affected but, just in case, we are sending you this communication to offer you some help and advice. 

From ABC Solicitors we advice you to take the following actions, which are mutually compatible and can also be simultaneously carried out:

My property was damaged but my insurance company does not want to help, or they don’t accept liability for the damages… What can I do? 

If you are in this situation, there is a public entity called Insurance Compensation Consortium of which you can claim financial compensation for these types of damages. 

1) Insurance Compensation Consortium:  Most insurance companies only cover in their policies the reparation costs, or a financial compensation, for damages directly caused by rain, such as loss of roof tiles, broken window panes, etc., but they do not cover damages that are indirectly caused by rain, such as damp from floods on doors, wardrobes, utensils, electrical appliances, etc.

2) Public Grants from Murcia & Valencia Community Regional Governments: Murcia & Valencia Regional Governments have set up an emergency grant, ranging from 1,500 € to 4,000 €, to compensate house owners for the damages caused in their properties from these areas damaged by the DANA. The deadline to apply for one of these grants is October 14th 2019. That help compensates economically for white goods, furniture, medicines and food.
3) Government Help: The Spanish government published the Royal Law Decree  11/2009 of September 20th, whereby they have set up some urgent measures to mitigate the damages caused by storms and other natural catastrophes, implementing financial help for those affected. The deadline to apply for this help is November 20th 2019.

My property was damaged and I have not got a current house insurance policy… What can I do?

If you do not have a current house insurance policy, you would be entitled to both public grants, but not to claim the Insurance Compensation Consortium.

If you have been affected by the DANA, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can assist you to apply for these compensations that you are entitled to.

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