What to do to get the spanish NIE

If you are thinking of living in Spain or starting a business in this country, getting a NIE is essential, which is the number of Identidad de Extranjero with which you can identify yourself in Spain and which will be necessary to do almost any procedure. Follow the steps below and you will not have any problems to make your application.

Steps to follow to get your NIE

You can apply for the NIE at the Spanish embassy in your country, but you can also apply for it when you arrive in Spain, at any police station or at a foreigners’ office.

You will need to fill in form EX15, which you can get from the Ministry of the Interior’s website, so you can fill it in from your PC and then print it out.

You will also need to attach several documents: You will need your passport, a Spanish postal address where you can be contacted through the ordinary mail, a reason justifying the application for the NIE, for example if you want to open a bank account, a text from the bank manager is useful.

Information is also required to prove that the person applying for the NIE is not in an irregular situation. Once all the documents have been submitted, a fee of 9.45 euros will be required.

It is important to make an appointment at the police station, as normally many people go to the police stations and it may be the case that if you go without an appointment you will not be attended or you may have to wait a long time, as priority is given to people who have made an appointment.

You should also know that if you want to make the application directly in Spain, you can do so through an intermediary, but you must have prior authorization to do so, received from a general power of attorney, which can make the process more complicated.


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